10 Top Reasons Candidates Don’t Get the Jobs They Want

The importance of asking the right questions to your interviewer during the various stages of the interview process should not be underestimated.  The questions you ask in an interview showcase a lot about how you think as a candidate, but more importantly, as an employee.  They reveal what your priorities are, what you’re looking for in your next role, and paint a very clear picture to your interviewer and potential future employer. 

The following are top reasons candidates don’t get the jobs they want:

– Do not sufficiently differentiate themselves from others = 67%

– Fail to successfully transfer past experience to the current job opportunity = 64%

– Not showing enough interest and excitement = 56%

– Discussing too much on what they want and too little on what the interviewer is saying = 54%

– Feeling they can “wing” the interview without preparation = 53%

– Not being able to personally connect with the interviewer = 49%

– Appearing over – or under – qualified for the job = 46%

– Not asking enough, or the right, questions = 41%

– Not researching a potential employer/interviewer = 39%

– Lacking humor, warmth, or personality during interviewing process = 33%

According to research conducted by OI Global Partners, apart from the regular hygiene reasons as to why candidates don’t get the job they’re looking for, not asking the right questions falls in the top ten reasons.

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