Tips For Completing Online Applications

The online application is another tool that employers utilize in order to find qualified job candidates.  Online applications are a time saver for employers because computer-based technology does all the work.  Employers program the computer to search for specific keywords within the application.  Applications that contain those keywords are the ones that are screened by the computer for the employer to review.  The more keywords that match what the employer is looking for, the better the chances are for that applicant to be interviewed for a job. 

Just like the paper application, the online application is an early indicator of your ability to follow directions.  Be prepared before you begin the online application.  Have all of your information handy so that you can complete the application in the allowed time frame.  Do not leave any blanks on your application; if a section does not apply to you, write not applicable, or the letters “N.A.”

Most online applications make you put in an actual dollar amount for your desired salary or hourly wage.  Do your homework ahead of time so you know what that position typically pays.  Also, the employer can see your password, so choose it wisely.

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