Tips For Completing Paper Applications

There are 2 basic types of employment applications…paper applications which are completed by hand, and online applications which are completed by computer or other technology. 

Since employers use job applications to screen out applicants, and applicants want to be screened in for an interview, it is critical that the applicant provide information clearly and accurately on the job application in order to help create that positive first impression to an employer.

When completing a paper application do the following:

  • Read the whole application thoroughly before you write anything.
  • Bring a pen with blue or black ink, unless instructed to do otherwise, and print your responses.
  • Fill in all the blanks; if a question does not pertain to you write “not applicable”.
  • Bring a list of your skills, education, employment dates, names, addresses and phone numbers of past employers.
  • If you have a gap in your work history, provide an explanation of the gap.
  • If you have no formal work history, list any volunteer work, or self-employment jobs.
  • Provide name and contact information for your references, and get their permission to be used as a reference beforehand.
  • Answer all questions truthfully, then sign and date the application.

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