Coping With Rejection After the Interview

Even though the hiring manager seemed to like you, and you thought the job was yours, you received a letter or phone call indicating that you were not chosen for the position.  Numerous things beyond your control can affect why you were not hired;  maybe the employer decided to hire from within the company, or maybe plans changed and the employer decided not to fill the position.  Although it’s not easy, you must be prepared to face rejections and be ready to continue your job search despite them.

Criticizing yourself can actually do harm.  If you keep telling yourself you’ll never land a job-you probably won’t.  Instead, replay the interview in your mind, and be honest with yourself:

  • Did you do your homework and know who the employer is, what they do, and why you want to work there?
  • Did you know the skills that were required for the job and show the interviewer that you are a good fit for the position?
  • Did you show interest in the company by asking questions?
  • Did you look the interviewer in the eye and speak clearly?
  • Did you ask for the job?

No, you’re not a loser.  You were good enough to get that job interview.  That puts you in the top 25% of all applicants for that job.  So work on those areas where you were weak and get ready to ace the next interview.

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