Declining a Job Offer/Multiple Offers

Congratulations!  You have reached the point in your job search process in which you have received an offer, perhaps even several.  It is important to remember that the job search is not yet over.  To see this process to completion, it is recommended that you correspond with every employer who has made you an offer or still considers you a candidate to let them know of your decision.

Declining a Job Offer:  The following are steps to follow when accepting a job offer:

  1. Once you have accepted and/or signed a formal contract with an employer accepting a job offer, write all other organizations/companies that have made offers, and inform them of your decision.
  2. Be sure not to burn any bridges.  At a future date you may have to work with the organizations professionally, or you may want to contact them again about employment.
  3. Be positive when declining an offer.
  4. If appropriate, advise the employer where you will be going to work or where you have enrolled if you are continuing your education.
  5. You need not indicate why you have accepted the other position or what the starting salary is.
  6. Always express your appreciation for any offers extended and for the interest and confidence the employer has shown.

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