d/s Services Uses STTF Grant To Improve Employee Skill Sets

d/s Services Inc. is a manufacturer, distributor, installer, and retailer of high quality, innovative agricultural equipment. They specialize in grain storage, grain drying, and grain handling.

d/s Services Inc. received an STTF Grant through the State of Michigan in 2018. They utilized this training grant to build, expand, refresh, and renew the skill sets of their current employees.  Since the completion of the training their workers have learned new techniques, better communication, and increased job knowledge. The importance of this training and development has increasingly become evident over the past two years. 

Read a testimonial from one our employees on the training they received.

My overall position on the 2018 training was that it was a very positive and valuable experience for me, and the entire company!!”

– Randy Iden – Shop Manager