Re-Entering the Workforce

The decision to re-enter the workforce is a big one.  Whether you took time off to raise a family, care for an elderly family member, battle an illness, or other personal reasons, it’s equally exciting and intimidating to head back to work.

It’s only natural to start looking for jobs like the one you had before, but make sure that’s what you really want.  It’s possible that your interest and perspective have changed since your last job.

Make sure you have the updated skills needed to qualify for the type of job you want.  Take online courses, enroll in a certificate program or do some volunteer work in a similar position. 

Remember to network.  Just like any other job seeker, networking will increase your chances of getting a job in a timely manner.

Create a functional or skills-based resume.  This type of resume is often the best choice if you’re re-entering the workforce, as it emphasizes your skills, abilities and accomplishments rather than your chronological work history.

Keep in mind, your employment gap does not define you, and employers will want to know about it.  Make a succinct, positive, unapologetic statement about what you were doing during your time off work.  Then move on to discussing the skill, qualifications and experience that make you the right candidate for the job.

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