Certified Nurse Aide Success in Sanilac!

Lilah Rourke came to GST Michigan Works in October of 2017 seeking help in becoming a Certified Nurse Aide.  Lila was a young, single mother who had discontinued college after her freshman year due to an unexpected pregnancy.  She was working a part-time cashier job at a local store to support her child.  However, 20 hours a week at $9.50 an hour does not go far in supporting a single-income household.  Lilah knew she needed to make more money.  She also knew this would only be possible if she increased her skill set.  Her work history was limited to entry-level employment–  cashiering and food preparation. 

With the help of GST Michigan Works Career Coach Amanda Osborn, Lilah enrolled in a Certified Nurse Aide program at the Sanilac Career Center in January of 2018.  She completed the program successfully in early March of 2018 and immediately took and passed her state certification exam.  Within three weeks of earning her certification, Lilah got a job as a CNA at Autumnwood of Deckerville.  Her starting wage was $14.25 per hour at 36 hours per week