ValTec is a four-member Michigan LLC located in Imlay City, MI. Their partners possess over 100 years of automotive/non-automotive plastic and business experience.  ValTec was established in January 2005 and started operations with just 12 employees. The company has grown to employ over 170 people. ValTec owns 34+ injection-molding machines ranging from 85T to 1,500T. They also own a large assortment of secondary equipment and are operating in a 156,000 square foot fully equipped facility. Even though they are a relatively small manufacturing company their wages and benefits are very competitive in the area.  They issued across the board COLA increases to all their hourly employees on August 1st, 2017 and all of their employees are offered full health insurance benefits – BCN medical coverage, LTD and Life Insurance that are paid for 100% by ValTec. 

During 2008 and 2009, ValTec, along with the entire manufacturing industry faced some major obstacles and needed to drastically reduce their workforce as well as adapt their business model in order to stay in business. In 2010, they were able to bring all their laid off employees back to work and have continued to grow in size since then and now have over 170 employees, many of whom they train using on the job methods. Additionally, part of securing new contracts has required ValTec to commit to capital purchases of several new molding machines and additional secondary equipment to accommodate this new influx of work.

With the addition of these new customer programs, including both the parts themselves and the new, unfamiliar equipment, their experienced supervisors and process techs have struggled to maintain a high level of consistent quality for which they are known. In fact, they were at risk at not receiving more new work from one of their new customers.

By receiving the STTF Grant in FY18, ValTec was able to complete the following courses: Expert Trouble Shooter Bundle, Efficient Mold Setting Bundle, Material Handler Bundle, 8D Root Cause/Analysis, A3 Problem Solving, and Total Productive Maintenance courses, which all lead to their employees receiving certificates. The total reward from the grant amounted to $17,245.00.