Gainfully Employing Shiawassee County

Jamie Fogle attended a WIOA Career Services orientation on April 11, 2018.  She came to the orientation seeking assistance with steps needed for her to gain full-time employment.  She had previously been employed with Taylor Life Center for over 10 years but was feeling overwhelmed with the sudden unemployment and the idea of having to job search again.

One of Jamie’s concerns was being prepared for the initial interview process.  This was addressed with her attendance to the Interviewing Skills Workshop and through one-on-one coaching.  She also attended a Resume Lab as she wanted to make the best first impression on a future employer.  These steps on the ladder to employment gave Jamie the confidence she needed while job searching.  

After less than a month of job searching and building on her soft skills, Jamie had a successful interview with Medilodge of Campus Area located in Lansing.  She was able to obtain full-time employment as their Admissions Coordinator.  In this position, she is using the skills she had gained from her previous employment while learning an abundance of new skills.