Magna Electronics Awarded Skills Trade Training Grant (STTF)

Magna Electronics, located in Holly, Michigan, is a supplier for the global automotive industry with full capabilities in innovative electronic components and sensor systems to increase vehicle safety, enhance driver comfort, and support the growing trend of electrification and autonomous driving. Magna Electronics is the only rearview camera maker in the United States and North America market. They currently employ over 600 employees at this facility.

Magna Electronics was awarded a Skills Trade Training Grant (STTF) for 2017-18 and was responsible for successfully employing 20 new workers as machine operators and upskilling 5 employees in LSS Green Belt and Lean Principles. 19 of the new hires are stilled employed and have received wage Increases. The 4 employees that were trained In Green Belt and 1 employee for the Lean principles are positioning themselves for promotions and opportunities as they become available at Magna Electronics. Magna recently completed a fact-finding for the new Going Pro Talent Fund (GPTF) for 2018-19.

With the purchase of a new Surface Mount Technology and final assembly equipment, as well as making computer upgrades to current machinery, Magna Electronics has also invested in several new product launches that will create additional headcount in the future and will require training for new employees. Recently, Magna has entered a Joint Venture with a LED light manufacturer and will be bringing in new equipment to manufacture these new products, requiring additional training of our current staff.  Construction is underway for another Electronics facility on Holly Rd. across from their current location. The anticipated opening will be in June 2019!

Magna Electronics is a model company for the former STTF program and most recently the GPTF, GST Michigan Works looks forward to continuing our partnership with them!