Path Program Lands Certified Nursing Assistant Job

“PATH has given me a helping hand at the minute of need. Each one of my coaches has given me the optimism, support, and encouragement that I needed, and when I needed it most.”  – Quearahnisha Young

Flint – Quearahnisha Young’s record for progress speaks volumes for both her dedication in gaining self-sufficiency and the dedication of the PATH program to help. Ms. Young, just like so many others, has found that life has a way of throwing in roadblocks on the way to success. In her journey through PATH, her barriers have included homelessness, a lack of transportation, credentials, childcare, and job readiness.

However, through her own determination and with the support of PATH, Quearahnisha fought for housing stability. Through PATH supportive services and Ms. Young’s persistence, she obtained her credentials as a Certified Nurse Assistant with Charter Health. Quearahnisha learned workplace skills through GST Michigan Works! workshops, acquiring the knowledge to develop a resume, along with the soft skills necessary in the workplace. She then found the opportunity to apply these skills through subsidized employment, while utilizing public transportation until she qualified for an automobile purchase.  With PATH’s help, she purchased a reliable vehicle giving her the opportunity to venture further on her mission to earn more income.

Today, Quearahnisha Young is employed with Lapeer County Medical Facility as a Certified Nursing Assistant, working 32 hours a week with a starting wage of $15.00 an hour. As I made my way around this facility during Ms. Young’s interview, I was impressed with the pride of the staff as well as their caring demeanor towards Quearahnisha. It was quickly apparent that she has made an outstanding asset to their organization.

Ms. Young is not done with her effort to continue moving forward either. She has enrolled with Mott Workforce Development to begin courses during Winter semester for her credentials as a Pharmacy Technician. I am confident that this young, career-driven mother will excel towards greatness, and I take pride in the fact that PATH will continue to support her along the way.