On the Job Training Success!

TI Automotive recently had two individuals complete successful On-The-Job Training experiences, Renee Burnham and Joseph Dybilas! This facility location has an extremely experienced, capable and loyal workforce. The average length of years a person has worked there is 30+ years with approx. 30 employees having 40 years or more of service!

Following several years of extended layoff, TI found a change in business model mix requiring an increase in workforce.   Finding an opportunity to hire new employees, it was important for TI to provide a comprehensive orientation including not only the normal poli
cies and procedures but also a social orientation to manufacturing work under the careful mentoring of a seasoned workforce. 

Mary Brinkman (HR Manager) has stated, “They are like family out there on the floor,” and from the interactions I have had with TI Automotive, it’s apparently like the “Cheers” television show theme, “Everybody knows your name” here. 

In a recent conversation with OJT recipient Joe Dybilis, Joe said the job at TI Automotive has changed his life and provided him the opportunity to obtain a long-term career he has been searching for.  Joe is an exceptional example of where OJT not only provided an opportunity to learn new skills, but Joe has been awarded a bid job in the stockroom, within the UAW that provides job protection, and significant pay increase.

Congratulations to TI Automotive for mentoring to achieve success in their workplace thus gaining two valuable new employees!