Career Coach Helps Woman Get Back On Track

Owosso – Erika Madigan met with her Career Coach, Liz Fischer on 1/4/2019 to register with the Out of School Youth program. It was determined that Erika’s main focus would be to get her High School Diploma or Equivalency. Erika had previously worked through workforce programs to obtain her HS Diploma or Equivalent from 2009-2014 but was unsuccessful due to various barriers. However, her Career Coach Liz felt confident that Erika was demonstrating perseverance and drive to finally achieve this milestone.  In January 2019, Erika began the Pathways Adult Education program at Baker College.  She started moving forward towards her goals through the Pathways program, but many personal challenges came up such as transportation and legal issues.

At one point, Erika was unable to attend school for several months due to her legal troubles. Erika stayed diligent and communicated with her career coach to continue on. Support services were offered to help with transportation barriers and lack of clothing for an employment offer.  Erika began employment orientation with Tender Care in July 2019 to become a Home Health Aide. Erika also re-engaged with the Pathways program, while working, and obtained her High School Diploma on 11/19/2019.  Erika is now setting additional goals for herself and plans to create a career pathway in the healthcare industry.