Unemployed Man Finds Job With Help Of Career Coach

FENTON-  Jason Smith found himself unemployed after 10 years of working in the medical field, which led him to the Fenton Service Center to apply for UIA benefits in October of 2019. He expressed the hardships he personally endured while in that field and was determined to change his career path.

Jason was frustrated with not getting responses from employers due to his lack of experience in anything other than the medical field. He never gave up; it was apparent that whatever career path Jason chose he would excel.

GST Michigan Works! Career Coaches worked with Jason to assess his past employment history, educational achievements, current skills, and vocational interests. This assessment showed that Jason enjoyed working with his hands and had a strong interest and aptitude in vocational training in the manufacturing field. With the support and encouragement of his career coach, Jason was given a referral to attend an information session with AMI Tech to enroll in the MIG Welding Program.

Jason was eager to take on new challenges and learn new skills with AMI Tech. GST Michigan Works! Supportive services were essential to Jason’s success. Receiving assistance with transportation, work clothing, training funds, along with tools to ensure the completion of the program, as well as coaching.

Upon the completion of the MIG Welding Program, he received a certificate of completion on November 1, 2019. AMI-TECH instructor Steve Clapp recommended Jason to Spaulding Manufacturing for a welder/fabricator position. He successfully completed the interview process and obtained full-time employment on November 18, 2019, just 17 days after completing his course.

With drive, determination, encouragement and the support of his career coach along with supportive services provided by GST Michigan Works! greatly contributed to Jason’s success. Jason was able to gain new skills in a new career field along with employment.

“GST Michigan Works-Fenton staff gave me the confidence I needed to pursue my goal in the manufacturing and fabrication field, with the support, and understanding of Tricia and Sue they made me feel I could do it. I am happy and learning new things every day!“

– Jason Smith