On-The-Job Training Success!

Bad Axe – Brenda Guardian had been working as a Personnel Coordinator and was laid off from her job.  She was employed at her previous job for 14 years and was devastated by the loss of her employment.  She came into GST Michigan Works! to sign up for UIA Benefits and was selected to attend reemployment orientation.  Initially, Brenda was assisted with a resume and cover letter.  She was eligible for the On-the-Job Training Program and soon after found an opportunity at Ricks AMT as a Call Center Representative.

Brenda did not have any experience in a call center setting, so the On-the-Job Training was a perfect fit.  Brenda said that “Even the best was once a beginner.  Don’t be scared to take that initial leap and to call or visit GST Michigan Works!” Jessica, the Office Manager at Ricks AMT remarked that Brenda is an excellent employee, she was able to catch on quickly and fits well into their small office setting.  Jessica said, “You will never have to look any further than your local Michigan Works for an impeccable employee!”