GST Training Success!

Aristo-Cast, Inc. had prepared and scheduled training for an employee who had planned to be trained under the Going PRO Talent Fund Fiscal Year 2020 grant, which was not funded due to COVID-19’s early impact. Still needing to have the employee trained, GSTMW! and Aristo-Cast moved in the direction of the Incumbent Worker Training option. The training was then scheduled for early March but derailed for obvious COVID reasons. Fast forward a bit to the week of July 6th – 10th when Bri Summerfield was able to get into the class and finish with her PCDMIS for CMM certificate from Hexagon in hand! Aristo-Cast is really looking forward to Bri’s application of her new skills and utilization of the equipment purchased now over a year ago. It may have taken longer than expected and been a bit more cumbersome during these times, but per the expressed satisfaction, it was/is worth it!

“We can’t thank you enough for the help with getting the CMM training for Bri Summerfield, especially during these difficult times with COVID! It has definitely been a beneficial class and very informative which has given her the ability to use it more every day!”
-Kristen Sustarich, Human Resources, Aristo-Cast, Inc.