Incumbent Worker Training Reimbursement

While in the chaos the pandemic was creating, Trims Unlimited co-owners, George Mansour and Bill Welch stepped up to the plate with a decision to shift gears, purchase equipment, train and start producing medical-grade masks and gowns. The training was going to take a little time as Ultrasonic Welding and the medical grade material handling and cutting would be totally new for their workforce. George and Bill contacted GSTMW! and ask if there was anything we could do to help. Incumbent Worker Training (IWT) for new processes and skills was decided to be a fit and would ultimately retain versus layoff employees. Trims was able to train two Leaders, Mary Taylor and Logan Welch, who would transfer their knowledge and skills via hands-on training to the 1st and 2nd shift employees.

A virtual “high-five” goes out to Trims Unlimited for their decision and dedication in meeting strict standards and requirements from the inception of their new processes to finished PPE products supplied to McLaren Health Care Systems, Clorox Corporation, and various other customers! It was a pleasure to work with them (even under COVID circumstances) and be able to present Trims Unlimited with an IWT reimbursement for $7,500.00.

Thank you to Trims Unlimited for all you are doing!!!