On-the-Job Training Success!

When Aurora Cad Cam needed to hire, another employee there recommended a friend, Edward Eskridge, but knew Edward didn’t have experience in this type of work. Edward went through Aurora’s interview process and was offered a position. Trish Whitcomb, the Office Manager at Aurora, got in touch with GSTMW! Eligibility was determined and we were able to write an On-the-Job Training (OJT) plan for 320 hours/8 weeks. At a half-way monitoring point, Trish stated that tools were expensive, but necessary for Edward’s success and wondered if we could help at all with that. GSTMW! was able to provide $500 through supportive services for Edward – a good start on his own tools. The twist to all this is that the friend who recommended Edward is Jacob Austin, who the same GSTMW! BSP wrote an OJT plan for too on 7/7/2017, had no experience in CNC work as well, and was a recipient of $500 in tools! We are delighted to report that Jacob (3 years later) and Edward are both doing very well at Aurora Cad Cam!