The Connection – Helping Reduce Barriers

Transportation is one of the top barriers to obtaining and retaining employment. With the support of the network, Kevin and Lora are back on the road, helping to secure their employment for years to come!

Kevin has been employed at North Gate since the beginning of 2018. Due to the changes in his work hours, Kevin could not depend on Your Ride and because of that he almost lost his job. With the assistance of his Dream Coach (SIPI), he was able to locate a vehicle within the price range allotted. GST Michigan Works! was able to provide Kevin the funding to purchase the vehicle, along with three months of vehicle insurance. Insurance that fits into his budget and he can afford going forward.

“The car has helped me a lot. I don’t have to catch the bus anymore and I’m on time for work every day. I’m able to get to my doctor’s appointment. With living in a shelter the car has really giving me a sense of life, and now I can work on finding my own place to live.” – Kevin