CNC Training Success!


Due to a job loss Michael found himself struggling. While searching for his next career move, Michael learned of an opportunity with Jupiter Manufacturing in Harbor Beach. Jupiter Manufacturing is a full line CNC, milling, turning, production, protype, fabrication, die building facility.

While Michael had some previous CNC experience, it was not to the extent that Jupiter was looking for. The Owner of Jupiter Manufacturing, Thomas, reached out to GST Michigan Works! in Huron County to inquire about the On-The-Job Training Program. Having some success with OJTs in the past, it seemed like a good fit.

Michael qualified for On-The-Job Training and GST Michigan Works! was able to assist both Michael and Jupiter Manufacturing by reimbursing a portion of his wages during his training period. Michael said, “I would never be where I am without the help of GST Michigan Works! and Jupiter Manufacturing.” He has learned a lot and is really enjoying his job.

Thomas, the owner of Jupiter Manufacturing said, “Michal is doing an excellent job and is always willing to learn new things.” He was happy to be able to utilize the On-The-Job Training Program.