Incumbent Worker Training Success!

Lapeer County – Located in Almont, Aristo-Cast is a small manufacturing company known for being a leader and innovator in the investment casing industry.

In 2020, Aristo-Cast purchased a software ERP system that utilized Crystal Reports to manage the core processes of manufacturing into a single report system. When Crystal Reports was purchased it included very basic training.  The challenge for Aristo-Cast was that the employees did not have enough training to be able to create reports and interpret the data in the ERP system which would allow them to implement lean principles.

The loss was two-fold in the inability to use a system that had been paid for, the loss of productivity, and ultimately profitability as the system was designed to identify waste and supply chain information. The cost of training employees in the use of a system that was an expense and not being utilized was unexpected. The goal of assisting Aristo-Cast with training funds was to prevent loss due to a breakdown of systems and the possibility of job elimination as a result.

Through Incumbent Worker Training (IWT), 4 employees from key areas of the operation including operations, finance, and quality control were provided training over a 6-week period. All employees successfully completed training and obtained certificates of completion. The investment of $4,960 allowed the employees to fully utilize the program, generate critical reports and interpret data for improved efficiency.