Re-Employment Services Help Man In Transition

Mark was a Dislocated Worker towards the end of 2019 having been recently separated from the United States Army. After serving 20 years, an honorable discharge, an outstanding career, and Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Technology, Mark closed his military career to the rank of First Sergeant.

In this brief period of transition, Mark was selected for Re-employment services (RESEA) by UIA. After completing the session, he immediately applied for grant assistance to explore opportunities available to him. The transition to private-sector employment can be challenging. Through the process, he identified key certifications necessary to increase his opportunities. Many of the positions he applied for required Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.

Finding the right program was not easy. Mr. Benson at Lawrence Tech really took the time to listen to Mark, evaluate his experience, and analyze his plan for the future. The result was not only a certification to meet the minimum PMP requirement, but provide him with a series of certifications that would bridge his current skillset with private sector employment.

Offers started pouring in, but with the current situation across the state and nation, Mark re-enlisted in April 2020. There was a growing need for military support and his orders were extended several times.  He remains employed through the Michigan Army National Guard as a Non-Commissioned Officer In Charge where Mark is providing much-needed support throughout the state in response to COVID-19. Mark started this process struggling to find his way outside of military service but has found encouragement in Veterans Preference Initiatives and companies committed to giving veterans priority in the workplace, holding in high regard the skills cultivated through their military career.  Even when the process proved challenging, he saw an opportunity; a key characteristic of a strong leader.

The leadership skills he has learned through experience, education, and certifications have helped him to take the lead in support of emergency services throughout the state. They have earned him a position of respect and trust through the community he serves and those under his command. When given the opportunity, Mark will be an equally strong candidate to lead in private sector employment.