Pandemic Speeds Expansion

Tuscola County – Dr. Jean Barden, owner of Greater Thumb EYECARE, has utilized GSTMW! OJT and IWT programs to help grow her business. In early 2020 she purchased a new location, thinking she would have at least a year to renovate the old Chase Bank into a larger office space. Little did she know that COVID-19 would strike weeks later, shutting down her business for months. The shutdown allowed Dr. Barden to start the transformation of her new location.  The move needed to take place sooner than later and her husband Adam, owner of the True Value Hardware’s in Vassar and Frankenmuth, was on board to assist her and make it happen!

Eight months later, Dr. Barden moved into her new office building. Transforming the old bank more than tripled her space and it also has a drive-thru feature.  Watch for this feature that she may be utilized in the future. The ultimate outcome for Dr. Barden….she says she has “Peace of Mind” knowing that she is providing a safe environment for her customers, her staff, and herself!  GSTMW looks forward to continuing to help grow and develop talent with Dr. Barden’s thriving practice.