Jobs for Michigan Graduates Success

Kashonda’s success is one to be celebrated and admired. With the help of JMG, Kashonda envisioned a different pathway which included overcoming significant barriers and believing in her ability to prosper. As a young mother, Kashonda has found her way in education, employment, and in life. She graduated from Mott Workforce Development with her GED, enrolled in nursing classes with Mott College, all while obtaining a stable full-time place of employment. Congratulations Kashonda, we know you’re just getting started!


  • Completed her GED
  • Received a scholarship from Mott Community College
  • Obtained soft skills development for job obtainment and retention
  • Obtained her driver’s license and reliable transportation

“I want people to know that life is what you make it and how you want it to be. I’ve been through a lot and overcame a lot. Thank you, JMG. Thank you, Sabrina, for being my supporter because you were a big support for me. I thank you for giving me those encouraging words for when I fell down, or just didn’t believe in myself; And I thank Crystal for being her, just all around awesome. Thank you!” – Kashonda